InkSurvey is a browser-based tool for educators to pose in-class questions that can be answered with a graphical response (such as writing equations or drawing pictures). The software works best when used with a classroom full of Tablet PCs.

Articles on InkSurvey:
Installation Notes:
  • The first time you open the InkSurvey software in your browser you will be asked to setup the installation, if you wish to re-run the installation script you must delete the "settings.php" file
  • InkSurvey is currently configured to work well with any Linux server (our installation runs Ubuntu), but you will need to have several software packages installed. Apache, MySQL, PHP, and nullmailer are good packages that fulfill the requirements of InkSurvey. Some other packages can meet the requirements, but MySQL and PHP are absolutely required.

InkSurvey is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.0.

The source code for this project can be obtained by downloading the latest software release or from the TICC git Repository:

git clone InkSurvey;
git clone InkSurvey/survey/InkWidget;
cp InkSurvey/survey/InkWidget/settings.php.example InkSurvey/survey/InkWidget/settings.php;