Activity 1

Why and how to make questions for formative assessment

Here are the steps for you to complete in Activity One:

1.1 Attend a kick-off Google Hangout to meet your instructors and others participants in the mini-course.

You will receive an e-mail advising you of the date and time for this. For those who cannot attend, a link to a recording of the Hangout will be posted here.

1.2 Use the links to learn more about each of these topics. Throughout this mini-course, for many of the tutorial videos, you will see there is also a link to a short text summary of the content. This is designed to allow you to quickly look up precisely what you need to know.

a. Introduction: What is InkSurvey? (3:30)

b. Why use real-time formative assessment?
c. Hardware and software requirements
d. How to generate an InkSurvey account-video (1:52) | text summary

e. How to generate a Survey for each class - video (3:08) | text summary

1.3 Informed by these videos, set up your own InkSurvey account and a new survey.

1.4 View the following short videos:

a. How to construct InkSurvey questions - video (1:34) | text summary

b. How to launch InkSurvey questions - video (1:12) | text summary

c. How to edit InkSurvey questions - video (1:30) | text summary
d. How to add equations to InkSurvey questions - video (1:30) | text summary

1.5 Informed by these videos, enter at least 3 questions in your InkSurvey account.

1.6 View the short videos:

a. How to generate an account on the forum. (1:21)
b. How to use the forum.(3:54)

Visit the section on the forum for this activity. In that section, share the 3 questions to be used for formative assessment. Please make a separate forum entry for each question.

1.7 On the forum, submit written reflections on at least 3 questions others have submitted, commenting on their strengths and weaknesses in probing student understanding and their potential to produce useful formative assessment. In other words, how do you think these questions would actually work in a real classroom with real students?

Please notice that there are also threads on the forum to discuss questions and topics of interest for each activity. Have you ever thought about having your students use a class forum? Your building IT staff could help you find a site that would best meet your needs and would host your forum for free.

When you have completed all of Activity 1, please use the left link below to return to the HP Academy webpage to reflect on this activity before beginning Activity 2.

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