Activity 2

Using InkSurvey in Your Classroom

Here are the steps for you to complete in Activity 2:

2.1 Read these perspectives:

a. Problems with using real-time formative assessment: the student perspective
b. Problems with using real-time formative assessment: the temptations of technology

2.2 Revise your formative assessment questions in InkSurvey, informed by feedback you have received from your peers in Activity 1 and by the ideas presented in 2.1. Enter your revisions in the forum discussion. For each of your questions, activate it in InkSurvey and post in the forum the location so that your peers can submit responses (there is a special thread in the forum here).

2.3 Submitting responses on InkSurvey

a. View this short video: How students enter and submit responses - video (1:58) | text summary
b. Use InkSurvey to submit at least 10 sample "student" responses to InkSurvey questions from yourself and others. You can find the questions others have submitted on this forum (hotlink).

2.4 View these short videos:

a. How you view student responses - video (1:49) | text summary

b. How to archive student responses - video (0:47) | text summary

c. How to delete student responses and delete questions - video (0:59) | text summary

2.5 Sorting student responses

a. How to sort responses and generate a spreadsheet - video (4:04) | text summary
b. When you have received responses to your questions on InkSurvey, use InkSurvey to sort them and generate a spreadsheet. Email your spreadsheet to

2.6 View these links for additional preparation for using InkSurvey in your classroom:

a. Always have a question on questions open
b. What to display to the class
c. Why use student identifiers
d. How to respond to student submissions

When you have completed all of Activity 2, please use the left link below return to the HP Academy webpage again to reflect on this activity before beginning Activity 3.

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