Activity 3

You are half-way done with the mini-course and going strong! Here are the tasks to complete for Activity 3:

3.1 Thinking again about formative assessment,

a. Read one of these articles about using formative assessment:
Real-time formative assessment examples
b. On the forum, make at least one entry to discuss what insights you have gained and/or any points with which you disagree.

3.2 Follow each of these links to learn more:

a. Does InkSurvey work only with certain learning styles?
b. Using a Confidence Level Question
c. Differentiated learning
d. What makes a good InkSurvey question?
e. Checklist for creating questions

3.3 On the forum, reflect on ways InkSurvey could be effectively used in your classroom.

3.4 Also on the forum (but in a different section), reflect on potential problems you anticipate when you use InkSurvey in your classroom.

3.5 Choose a lesson you will be delivering during the last 2 weeks of this mini-course. (You are currently in week 3 of 5, so the lesson should be one you will deliver in the following 2 weeks.) Create a lesson plan with embedded formative assessment questions. In at least one instance, prepare a series of questions to utilize for differentiated instruction.

3.6 Follow each of these links:

a. What happens when you post something to this wiki? - video (0:40)
b. How to log-in to this wiki - video (0:49) When you create your wiki account, please use the same sign -in (user name) as you have for the forum!
c. How to edit this wiki - video (0:49) | text summary
FYI: You can use the "search" button on the banner above at any time to search both the mini-course wiki and the example lesson plans wiki.

3.7 Use the instructions and template here to prepare and post your lesson plan in the wiki. Create your lesson plan. You will be returning to this lesson plan and reporting on your experiences in Activity 4.

Have you ever thought about having your students create a wiki? Your building IT personnel could help you find a site that would best meet your needs and would host the wiki for free.

When you have completed all of Activity 3, please use the left link below to return to the HP Academy webpage again to reflect on this activity before beginning Activity 4.

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