Activity 4

Putting It All Together!

Here are the steps for completing the final activity for your badge:

4.1 Choose and view at least 2 of the following links on applications of InkSurvey:

a. Just in time teaching
b. Flipped model
c. Problem solving
d. Curiosity
e. Creativity
f. Coupling simulations and applets with graphical assessment
g. Online education

4.2 Deliver your lesson using InkSurvey to facilitate formative assessment.

4.3 Add results to the wiki, by extending your previous lesson plan.

4.4 Please return to the example bank often and share with others how you have used InkSurvey! Your ideas can help a novice see some of the potential of this powerful tool, or help a frequent user consider new ways to use InkSurvey.

When you have completed all of these steps, please return to the HP Catalyst Academy webpage and enter your final reflection. You will then receive your badge for this mini-course!

We hope you have had fun using technology to facilitate formative assessment during the learning process! We are anxious to hear about all the new ways you explore for using InkSurvey with your students. Thanks for participating in this HP Catalyst Academy mini-course.

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