How to sort responses and generate a spreadsheet

  1. go to the admin page'
  2. click on the "eye" icon to view responses
  3. click on "manage bins for question"
  4. type in the label for the first bin then press enter
  5. repeat for more bins
  6. click on sort responses
  7. by pressing the number on the keypad associated with each bin the student response is moved into that bin while the next student response takes its place on the display.
  8. leave the exclusive box checked as you name bins if you want the student response to go only into this bin. Uncheck this box if you want to put a student response in this unchecked bin and then also move it into a checked bin. This feature is useful if you want to display responses to the class since they are first put into this non exclusive bin. After putting a response into this non exclusive bin you can then put it in an exclusive bin. As this student response is moved to an exclusive bin the next students response (that has not been binned) then appears.
  9. when finished binning the responses manually change the web address by replacing sort with exportsurvey. For example here is the change sequence




then press enter and then click on generate spreadsheet

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