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The content of this mini-course is divided into 4 ACTIVITIES. We anticipate that you will need about 2 hours to complete each activity. Since you will be electronically discussing this mini-course with other participants who start at the same time as you, we suggest that you complete one activity per week. BUT, since the final activity includes a classroom component—and we know sometimes that might be tough for you to fit in---you will have 2 weeks to complete that activity. Total for course: 5 weeks

Course organization

This page will help you navigate through all components of the course; it might be convenient for you to bookmark this page so that you can always return to it easily and quickly.

To progress through the 4 activities, please click on the links below (or use the tabs across the top banner) to see instructions for each one. Like many educational explorations, this mini-course is arranged such that one activity builds on another, so we recommend that you travel through in sequence for best results.

In Activity 1, you'll focus on why formative assessment is important and learn how to make formative assessment questions in InkSurvey:

Activity 1.png

In Activity 2, you'll move your attention to how InkSurvey can be used in your classroom:

Activity 02.png

Final preparations and sharing of your lesson plan is included in Activity 3:

Activity 03.png

Finally, in Activity 4, you'll have an opportunity to put it all together and implement the use of InkSurvey for formative assessment with your students.

Activity 04.png

You can also use the tabs at the top of the wiki to easily navigate to each activity.

Course Communication

At various times in the course, our communication as a learning community will include:

• A Google Hangout to kick off the course, get to know each other a little, and answer your questions about the mini-course. You will receive an e-mail with the time and date details when you register for the mini-course.

• A forum, to interact with other teachers who are starting this mini-course at the same time as you are. The discussions in this private forum will be erased at the conclusion of the mini-course. Instructions on using this forum are in Activity One.

• A public wiki (which you are on now) to direct your participation, and also to archive the products of your labors so that other teachers may benefit from your efforts. Instructions on how to use this wiki are in Activity Three.

• Instructors are available by e-mail:

– Frank Kowalski:

– Susan Kowalski:

Hope you are eager to dig in to this mini-course, because you are now ready to begin Activity 1 !

Activity 1.png

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