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Here is a short video to introduce you to InkSurvey, a powerful pedagogical tool designed to use technology to facilitate formative assessment.

Introduction: What is InkSurvey? [1] (3:30)

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Each student or team of students needs a pen-enabled mobile device with internet access. This includes Tablet PCs, iPads,and Android devices(4.0 and higher)such as tablets, smart phones, and slates. If your touch screen equipment doesn't have "pens," you can purchase a stylus for around a dollar (US) online.

There is no need to load anything locally on student hardware, since InkSurvey is web-based. Web browsers which support InkSurvey are:

   Mozilla FireFox

Computers with these browsers will run InkSurvey and are useful for the teacher to process student responses. Student responses will be received more quickly if the teacher's computer has a hard-wire connection.

InkSurvey can also be used to collect keyboard input responses from students.

How-To Videos

This series of short videos is designed to help you learn the mechanics of using InkSurvey. Each is accompanied by a short text summary for quick reference.

1. Setting Up An Account

How to generate an InkSurvey account-video(1:52) | text summary

How to generate a Survey for each class - video (3:08) | text summary

2. Constructing and Editing Questions

How to construct InkSurvey questions - video (1:34) | text summary

How to launch InkSurvey questions - video (1:12) | text summary

How to edit InkSurvey questions - video (1:30) | text summary

How to add equations to InkSurvey questions - video (1:30) | text summary

3. Student Responses

How students enter and submit responses - video (1:58) | text summary

How you view student responses - video (1:49) | text summary

How to archive student responses - video (0:47) | text summary

How to delete student responses and delete questions - video (0:59) | text summary

4. Sorting Student Responses and Generating a Spreadsheet

How to sort responses and generate a spreadsheet - video (4:04) | text summary