MATH224 Calculus III w/ Honors

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Course Information

MATH224: Multivariable calculus, including partial derivatives, multiple integration, and vector calculus.

Instructor Information

Section A

Instructor : Gus Greivel

Office : Stratton Hall 202

Office Phone : 303.273.3840

email :

Section B

Instructor : Scott Strong

Office : Stratton Hall 205 and CASA 122

Office Phone : 303.384.2446 (@ Stratton Hall)

email :


Laboratory Notebook Information

Mathematica Information

CSM has a site license for Mathematica which can be used for instruction and academic research. It can be installed on personal computers and the following links will take you to the relevant information. Big thanks to Prof. Eklund for spearheading this acquisition.

Mathematica Notebooks

Student Submission Links

Work submissions will occur electronically. This post from Prof. Strong's associated blog talks about the first submission and links to this old, old blog post about tools that students can use to make digital records of their work.

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